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This item is Final Sale only - no return or refund - so make sure you order the correct size. See SIZING above

A soft vest with firm support. Made from new, special yarns that make the vest soft and cool, while keeping you comfortable all day. This invisible undershirt eliminates bulges throughout your upper body and simply flattens any love handles. Two front layers provide you with compression throughout the front of your body. No visible seam lines throughout the front. Perfectly cut straps eliminate underarm discomfort. Your back feels the support it needs and your new posture brings you confidence. Made in the U.S.A.



Measure the fullest part of your chest (with your arms down). If you fall between sizes or are close to the next size, we recommend ordering a size up as these garments are very tight fitting due to the powerful compression layers! Sizing down will make the garment difficult to take on and off.

When you've found your size, please click the size guide, below.

XBODY UK Compression Garments Care Instructions

This product is final sale only with no return or refund. Therefore, please make sure you order the correct size by following the measuring instructions you'll find under the tab "Sizing" on this page.

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